Our Journey

Welcome to iDo Systems, the company taking on the business death rate and low annual gross revenue epidemic plaguing small businesses for over 30 years and negatively impacting the national economy.

Our Vision

At iDo Systems, our ambition is to deliver unparalleled business solutions globally, significantly enhancing economic wealth. We're not just providing services; we're revolutionizing the approach to business growth, strategy, and success.

Our Mission

Since our inception in 2015, iDo Systems has been on a mission to boost the success rates of businesses worldwide. Combining education, guidance, innovative software, and comprehensive services, we empower businesses, coaches, and advisors to overcome the complexities of growth, paving the way for unprecedented success.

Understanding Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, making up 99.9% of all firms and contributing $8.4 trillion to the GDP. However, the path is often challenging, with many navigating hurdles to maintain profitability and generate revenue, emphasizing the need for resilience and dedication.

Addressing the Challenges

The reality for small businesses includes a significant mortality rate, with 20% failing within the first year and about 50% by the fifth year. These statistics highlight the precarious nature of entrepreneurship and the critical need for strategic guidance and robust support systems to navigate these challenges successfully.

Data from the US Small Business Administration indicates that there are roughly 33 million businesses in the US, with only 15.4% of businesses generating more than $250,000 in gross annual revenue. The failure rate for these businesses is alarmingly high, with 76% of them failing to survive past the 10-year mark.

What blew our minds and started us down this path, was the fact that the stats for business revenue and failures have not changed in the past 30+ years.

Reducing the business failure rate

The Founders and Co-Founders of iDo Systems have embarked on a mission to rescue small businesses and by doing so, enhance the national economy by achieving something that hasn't been accomplished in over three decades: reducing the business failure rate.

According to the Corporate Finance Institute, a healthy profit margin for businesses should be around 10%, but an alarming 84.6% of businesses in the US generate less than $250k in gross annual revenue. This means that a vast majority of small businesses generating a healthy profit, still take home less than $25k annually, after working 60-80 hour weeks. That's a whopping $8.012 per hour! $0.76 cents above the Federal state minimum wage rate for Texas and Utah. The result of this is job loss, income reduction, and a lack of economic growth.

We aim to change this, by providing small businesses with solutions and resources to improve their annual revenue, increase their business's sustainability and enhance their ability to thrive.

We are committed to safeguarding entrepreneurship, jobs, increasing income, and contributing to the national economy's growth.

The Economical Impact

Pillar Five, our automated business life cycle growth system is designed to help businesses in their growth process and reduce the failure rate. By providing businesses with a step-by-step automated process, Pillar Five assists businesses in developing and implementing the necessary strategies for growth and sustainability.

Based on our analysis, even a small reduction in the failure rate can result in a significant economic impact. For instance, if the failure rate is reduced from 76% to 75%, approximately 326,000 businesses would be saved from going out of business. If these businesses generated $250,000 in gross annual revenue, this would result in potential additional revenue of $81.5 billion for the national economy.

The Way Forward

Our methodology is a step towards reducing the failure rate of businesses and increasing economic growth. By providing businesses with the necessary tools and resources, we aim to save jobs, increase income, and contribute to the growth of the national economy.

The high business failure rate in the US is a significant challenge that obstructs economic growth and prosperity. However, with the right tools and resources, we can reduce this rate and increase the potential for growth and success. The Pillar Five is just the first of many tools that can make a significant impact in the journey toward saving businesses and improving the national economy.

We want to help you

achieve your dreams.

We've strategically positioned ourselves to serve the vast landscape of coaches, advisors, and micro/small businesses actively seeking innovative solutions. Our targeted initiatives are guided by our understanding of the Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM), ensuring we meet our clients' needs precisely.

Empowering Growth with Pillar Five

The cornerstone of our offerings, the Pillar Five Methodology, is a meticulously engineered pathway acting as a GPS for business development. It ensures businesses and their advisors do not overlook essential stages, setting a new standard in business guidance by identifying the Life Cycle Stage of a business.

Innovative Solutions

& Supportive Initiatives

We extend our commitment to business empowerment through various initiatives. From "The Equity Equation Method (TEEM)" for building effective teams to certification courses for mastering the Pillar Five methodology, our holistic approach is designed to foster sustainable growth and profitability.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

We extend our commitment to business empowerment through various initiatives. From "The Equity Equation Method (TEEM)" for building effective teams to certification courses for mastering the Pillar Five methodology, our holistic approach is designed to foster sustainable growth and profitability.

The Future is AI-Driven

Looking forward, we're excited about our bold venture into AI with the introduction of Autonomous AI Agent Swarms in 2024. This innovation will automate tasks ranging from document creation to strategy implementation, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core activities without the administrative burden.

A Vision Unveiled

As we stand on the cusp of revolutionizing the business landscape, our commitment to our vision is stronger than ever. Pillar Five is more than just a tool; it's a beacon for businesses on their journey to success. Through every initiative, partnership, and technological advancement, we aim to set new benchmarks for success and innovation in the business world.

Join Us on the Journey

Embark on a transformative journey with iDo Systems, and let's navigate the path to success together, one milestone at a time.