Grow a Thriving

Coaching Business

Small business coaches who once struggled to build a thriving practice are now successful entrepreneurs living their dreams, thanks to Pillar Five.


Business coaches ready to leave their 9-5 and build a thriving coaching practice

Coaches who feel like they're not getting their value

Entrepreneurs who want to replace their 9-5

Stop Struggling, Coach Smarter

Benefit 1

Identify the life cycle of your clients' business and the building block that's holding them back in less than 7 minutes.

Benefit 2

Address roadblocks with resources that help clients on their own, freeing up time to focus on accountability and guidance.

Benefit 3

Replace old strategies with Pillar Five's 5 Pillars of Sustainability, creating long-term success for you and your clients.

Our business life cycle growth methodology, which has undergone over 18,000 hours of rigorous research and testing, has been proven to help business coaches just like you achieve your goals and guide your clients to sustainable success without the need to fail first.


Risk settling for less

Risk staying in a dead-end job

Risk never living your dream

Feature 1

Automated Business Coaching System

Feature 2

Business Life Cycle Identifier

Feature 3

Coaching Income Stability Program


Take the Business Life Cycle Strategist Course

Invite clients onto your Pillar Five platform

Coach your clients

Side by Side Comparison:

The traditional coaching approach is no longer enough. Our solution empowers you to thrive in the new world of coaching.

Start your journey to coaching success with Pillar Five. Join us today and experience the transformation in your coaching business.

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